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our philosophy

handmade furniture is all about finding the right balance between the perfection of the material's organic nature and the imperfection of human touch

step a

Each project starts by
carefully handpicking
exquisite barks

The form and the special characteristics of each wood define the rest of the process

The overall design is always a result of combining the true form of the wood with its supporting elements. The distinct qualities of the selected pieces inspire us to create something that truly completes the natural as a whole.

step b

We slowly smooth & polish the raw material by hand in order to bring out its natural colors and distinct features

We always use natural massif wood that endures time and maintains its form and texture

step c

natural varnishes

We apply natural varnishes of organic compound, which help enrich the wood and bring out every detail

"organic minimalism describes the strive for minimum intervention in the perfection of natural materials"

George Grammatikakis - Arte Lignum Designer